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Why choose us?

Quick quote

We usually respond to inquiries within an hour, the next business day at the latest. Already at our first conversation, we do a preliminary analysis of your needs and present the expected price, or price range, for implementing your application. We also always say if we don’t know something, we need to check, or the implementation of some functionality is questionable. This gives you a quick overview and saves you time.

We present a detailed offer within two working days of jointly drawing up the scope of your project. We work on the “fixed price” model, so you know at the beginning how much you will pay, and we always finish the project (even if we have underestimated). Together with the offer, we always provide a sheet of estimated hours needed to implement each functionality and screen of the application.

Insight and optimization

As the case studies in our portfolio show, our clients’ companies have improved their operations by 50 – 120% after we designed, developed and implemented their software.

We will approach your project individually. Understanding the essence of your business and problems is the most important thing for us. Thanks to it, we will design and implement an appropriate, “tailor-made” application that will optimize your company work. And that will lead to:

  • saving your time,
  • saving your money,
  • unleashing your company’s potential,
  • less need for human labor,
  • elimination of frustration due to clutter or using a ready-made application not adapted to the specifics of your company’s work.

Experience in various industries

We have been on the market for more than a dozen years. During this time, we have developed dozens of applications for the following industries: transportation and logistics, field services, manufacturing (near miss, CMMS), e-commerce and others. But we have also worked with startups outside these industries.

Experience and flexibility are a combination that enables and facilitates the good implementation of your application.

Hiring a company that has a good understanding of the specifics of your company’s operations greatly increases the chance of project success. It reduces the time it takes to understand the nuances, and makes it easier to make adjustments and modifications to the application later on.

Proven technologies

Since the beginning of our activity, we have specialized in creating native mobile applications. Currently, we use Flutter, thanks to which we develop fast and optimal (technically and economically) applications for Android and iOS platforms.

On the other hand, web applications and administration panels are implemented in PHP, thanks to which finding a server for the application is quick and cheap. We often do the visual part of web applications in Vue.js to make them modern, fluid and user-friendly. All these technologies are free and constantly developed.

Our source code is correctly and clearly written. So it is easy to develop your application further.

Fast implementation

Typically, we need 3 months to create and deliver your application. We are talking about a medium-sized mobile application (up to 20 screens) and an administration panel. Smaller projects take even less, e.g., 6 weeks.

On the other hand, more complex applications or projects requiring integration with external systems, which are just being developed, may take longer, e.g., 6 – 12 months.

Good communication

Good, substantive communication is the foundation of a project. From the initial response to your inquiry, analysis of your needs and our quote, to keeping you informed about the status of the work regularly. Our responses to your comments on the application are prompt (generally within an hour, during business hours).

You are served all the time by one person who knows all the nuances of your application. So communication is fast, smooth, and substantive.

Guarantee of quality

We give you a 12-month warranty for the application provided to you, during which we correct any bugs free of charge (if any were unnoticed during the tests). We attach great importance to optimizing the application so that it works quickly and efficiently. But quality also includes the above-mentioned communication, delivered and agreed-on UI design, application source code, subsequent customer service and application modifications. Our quality is confirmed by the opinions of our clients, also on Clutch.co and other platforms.

Competitive prices

With us, you pay only for the work of the specialists directly involved in the design and development of your application: an analyst, a project manager, 1 – 2 developers, a tester and a GUI designer of your application, and not for a board of directors, a big office, or employees not related to the development of the application. That’s why our prices are attractive for both small and large companies of our clients, as well as startups.

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The team of professionals

How do we work?

Clear stages of cooperation
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The history of YarMobile

Comparison of the company’s revenues in the given years

Initially, YarMobile was just me, who after graduating from IT studies at the Gdańsk University of Technology, working in corporations: IFS Poland and UK, Nokia Berlin, started creating custom-made Android applications in a small studio apartment in Gdańsk. The first three years were very difficult. I had no support, contacts or funding. I did cheap projects for clients from Poland from morning to evening and turned down subsequent job offers that were much more lucrative. I also preferred projects that I could add to my portfolio. I owe the company’s survival to sheer determination. Things have been a little better since 2014 when my first associates joined me. We gained experience and a portfolio. Very slow growth slightly accelerated, but it has always been based on meeting customer needs, solving real problems, and hard work, not contacts or external financing. Competitive companies working for foreign clients from the beginning are much larger today. But please don’t judge a company by the size of its team or the office it occupies, but by the applications it creates.

Today I can boast of experience, and a team of reliable, dedicated specialists full of passion. All this resulted in an offer that I present to you with a clear conscience. All the details contained there are rehearsed by us, and used in at least several successful projects. Of course, in the market of mobile applications, technologies are developing very quickly. New devices, operating systems and IT solutions are constantly appearing, and we are developing along with them. We are determined to successfully complete each project – small and large.

I invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer, portfolio and … cooperation! We will contribute to the improvement of your company’s results by understanding its needs and implementing properly designed software.

Jarosław Pietras