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A flutter e-commerce app will give you more presence, less cart abandonment, more sales, and new marketing opportunities.

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Ecommerce mobile app development | YarMobile

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Ecommerce mobile apps – technologies | YarMobile

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Ecommerce development - how do we work? | YarMobile

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Frequently asked questions

YarMobile custom software development company - Q A short

The mobile app usually works faster, smoother, and more pleasantly than the PWA (which is essentially a website). We write more about this in an article. Reports from Mokka, Buildfire, on the other hand, show that users prefer mobile apps to mobile store pages. Sources:
Mokka report,
PWA vs. Flutter mobile apps.

Independent studies indicate that the mobile app has a higher conversion rate and a lower shopping cart abandonment rate than the mobile store pages. Source: Buildfire report
You are making constant changes to your store’s website. The mobile app is an independent entity. It is only connected to the store by an API. Changes to the app are possible. You can outsource them to us, or to another company.
We have been developing mobile apps for a dozen years, and m-commerce for two. So we probably can. When we can’t do something, or need to figure out how to do it, we always say so. This is especially true when it comes to a thorough examination of your store’s engine API because without it, we won’t make the app. On the other hand, we will design the user interface (the look of the application) to be attractive, similar in style to your store. We always present the UI design for your final approval and consider the comments, before starting the programming work.
An online store mobile app development project usually takes about 3 months, sometimes 6. It typically takes 6 specialists: an analyst, a project manager, a user interface designer, a developer who creates the admin panel or API, a mobile app developer, a tester. On the other hand, with us, you pay only for the work of these people, not a board of directors, a large office, employees unrelated to application development. That is why our prices are attractive for both small and large companies of our clients. Together with the offer, we always provide a sheet of estimated hours of work of each person.

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