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As a Flutter development company, we will develop a custom Flutter app for you to optimize your company’s processes.

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We only develop custom Flutter applications from scratch. We can sign a confidentiality agreement – NDA.
We have been developing mobile apps for a dozen years, and Flutter for four. So we probably can. If we can’t do something, or we need to figure out how to do it, or doing something is questionable, we will always tell you about it. As for the user interface (the look of the application) – also we can do almost any design, according to your instructions, examples of other mobile apps. We start programming work after your approval of the UI design. We are confident in the quality of our applications. We give a 12-month warranty on each one. Furthermore, we ensure further development of your application.
No one can guarantee the popularity of your mobile application. We will guarantee its good execution in Flutter technology. It is worthwhile to have an idea for promoting your application and perhaps a budget for advertising, or marketing. You can popularize it by starting with a region of the country, or an online forum. It is also important to choose the right keywords in the name and description of the app in Google Play and App Store. We do app development, not marketing.
A Flutter application development project (generally in addition with an administration panel) usually takes about 3 months, sometimes 6. It often involves 6 specialists: an analyst, a project manager, a user interface designer, a web developer, a Flutter developer, a tester.

As a Flutter app development company, we work on a fixed price model, so you know the cost of the project at the beginning, and we deliver your application. We price each project individually, based on the scope of the app. We attach an hourly pricing sheet with all the screens and functionality to the offer. But already during our first conversation, we provide an estimated price range. With us, you pay only for the work of the above-mentioned people and the above-mentioned scope, and not for a large office, employees unrelated to the development of the application or the company’s board of directors. That’s why our prices are attractive for both small and large companies of our clients, as well as startups.

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