Aptiv BBS

A near miss reporting and handling application


Software for reporting and handling near-miss situations at Aptiv Services Poland S.A. in Gdańsk - a branch of a well-known company in the field of innovative automotive solutions.

It consists of an admin panel for managing near-miss situations and a mobile app for reporting them.

Since its implementation, more near-miss situations have been reported, time has been saved, and the reporting process has been accelerated significantly. 



YARMOBILE has fulfilled its task excellently, the final product meets the customer's expectations to the extent that the other factories of the group have expressed the desire to implement a similar solution. Every time issues of modifications or changes in the application arose, YARMOBILE stood up to the task and quickly implemented corrections and modifications. We hereby provide references to YARMOBILE. We believe that our cooperation with professionals of this class will result in other implementations in the future.
Krzysztof Olkowski
IT Infrastructure Coordinator, Aptiv Services Poland S.A.

Case study

A near miss reporting mobile app

  • Employee login.
  • Selection of factory department and type of inspection.
  • Easy answering questions about personal protective equipment, risks to employees, ergonomics, tools and equipment, and procedures.
  • The ability to choose the person responsible for the implementation of corrective actions, deadlines, and observations.
Kopia aptiv_komp

A near miss management admin panel

  • Administrator or employee login.
  • Defining factory departments, types of inspections, and employees (plus importing from the worksheet).
  • Overseeing BBS inspections from mobile applications; assigning statuses, responsible persons, and deadlines.


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