BMVS Transport


A large custom logistics software with transport management functionality. It finds closest trucks based on their declared and real availability, enables the dispatcher to send transport inquiry to truck owners, gathers their price offers and enables the dispatcher to select the winning truck to handle the order.


Administration panel

  • Dashboard: map with icons - driver locations
  • Users
  • Vehicles: the list shows the status of the vehicle, last known location, location of declared availability. Ability to view and edit the vehicle (many technical parameters of the vehicle, registration, insurance, owner and driver)
  • Find closest units: functionality to search for the closest vehicles relative to the start of the route.
  • Smart - new quote. Entering a transport order offer, then sending a query to all vehicle owners whose drivers have declared their presence near the starting point of the route within the required period.
  • Smart - quotes. List of offers with a timer next to each.
  • Bid board. An important functionality of the software is submitting price proposals for transports of goods by truck owners, from BMVS Smart mobile app. These proposals are then verified and the best one is selected, in the admin panel.
  • Sending push notifications to drivers and vehicle owners
  • Sending verification SMS to the drivers application
  • Sending offers via e-mail to ordering customers.
bmvs lap
phone bmvs

BMVS Driver mobile app

  • Driver registration – providing a telephone number. The system verifies the phone no against vehicles.
  • Receiving SMS with verification code
  • The app requires and checks the following settings and allows you to go to system settings to change them: Location Services, Location Accuracy, Push Notifications, Background Refresh, Low Power Mode, Cellular Data
  • Setting the driver’s status at the touch of a button: IN SERVICE / OUT OF SERVICE
  • Setting the declared future position and time
  • Receiving push notifications
  • Periodically sending device location in the background

BMVS Smart mobile app

  • Registration of the vehicle owner – providing the telephone number and other data. The account will be verified and accepted in the administration panel.
  • List of vehicles with their statuses, declared future available locations, current positions. Possibility to set the availability of each of them for transport orders.
  • List of invitations – transport orders – for a given vehicle. Route details, length, load, etc.
  • Ability to submit a price offer for each order. This offer is verified and evaluated in the administration panel.
  • Push notification about selecting or rejecting a given offer


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