A large service application for managing the process of installation, and service of air conditioners, heat pumps and other devices. We also made a warehouse application for the project.


Administration panel

  • Users
  • Distributors
  • Installation companies
  • Devices
  • Outdoor and indoor units of air conditioners
  • Periodic inspections, push notifications
  • Complaints
  • Parts
  • WZ documents
  • Trainings
  • Protocols
  • Documents
  • News
erkul lap

Installer mobile application

  • Installer registration
  • Login
  • User profile
  • Installations – list
  • Registering a new device: selecting units or scanning serial numbers, filling in the form, entering the customer’s signature, taking photos
  • Inspections – planned, arranged and performed. Making an appointment, processing an inspection.
  • Complaints – new, considered, completed; new complaint – entering data into the system.
  • Device related documents – preview, filtering
  • News
  • Training
  • Certificate

Warehouse worker mobile app

  • Login
  • WZ – lists: new and done
  • Accepting WZ into the system. Select WZ, item, scan serial numbers and confirm insertion.


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