A real estate auction website


A real estate auction website with an admin panel, an agency panel, an agent panel for all data management.



The Yarmobile company provided us with a portal with all the functionalities we wanted. The excellent and quick graphic design also deserves praise. All corrections and modifications were uploaded efficiently, and the final result fully meets our expectations. We recommend them!
Karolina and Adam Pisarek
owners of the website

Admin panel

  • Agencies - creating, editing, deleting
  • Buyer Accounts
  • Offer categories
  • Offers
  • Settings
  • Auctions
  • Terms & conditions
  • Privacy Policy
  • Responsive design
kappi admin

Agency panel

  • Employee accounts – management
  • Buyer Accounts
  • Offers – creating, editing
  • Settings
  • Auctions – preview


Agent’s panel

  • Buyer Accounts
  • Offers – creating and inviting buyers
  • Settings
  • Auctions – preview

KAPPI.pl auction portal

  • User login
  • List of auctions that can be accessed
  • Auction details screen
  • The possibility of submitting offers
  • E-mail notifications about being outbid, winning, losing
  • Displaying a list of the remaining offers of a given agent
  • Responsive design


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