Pellet stove service software


Pellet stove service software for managing installations, servicing, complaints, inspections of pellet stoves.

It consists of an admin panel and a service technician app.

Admin panel

  • users, customers, parts, products, service orders
  • network of distributors and their service technicianc
  • separate login for admin, 1st and 3rd degree distributors. Everyone can see their data
  • list of installation, service, warranty orders with the indication of overdue and problematic orders
  • maps with positions of technicians and products
  • chat between the distributor and installer
  • automatic loss of warranty if warranty service does not happen
  • service technicians are deactivated after one year period
kipi admin

Customer's panel

  • the customer registers
  • then the customer registers their product, selects the distributor and installer who receives a push notification in his mobile application, in order to set the installation date
  • possibility to register a service order
  • customer products: list and details
  • chat with the office

Mobile app of the service technicians

  • login
  • list of orders to be performed and historical: installation, service, warranty
  • filling out the order form (lots of burner and boiler parameters), taking pictures, sending to the server
  • customer’s handwritten signature
  • offline action
  • dispatch of service technician GPS position
  • option to register an installation order with new customer details
  • push notifications: about a new order, about the need to set the date and time of installation or service and about a new message from the office
  • chat with the office


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