A luxury car transport management system


A luxury car transport management system that has helped to optimize the GOLDHOL Sp. z o. o. company's operations and save money. Now the trucks go full thanks to joining clients' orders in a single route.

The TMS consists of an admin web panel, a client's web panel, a client's mobile app, and a trucker app.



Working with Jaroslaw is a real pleasure. Very quick contact, e-mail or telephone. Things that were black magic for me became simple thanks to your cinematic or verbal explanations. The application works 100% as planned. It earns money for my company thanks to joining clients' orders in a single route so that a truck is full instead of going empty. I am slowly thinking how to expand it and I will certainly let you know when I write it down and we continue to work.
Mariusz Matuszewski
GOLDHOL Sp. z o.o.

Case study

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The problems

  • Time and money were wasted because the trucks were going empty.
  • A lot of time was spent managing and updating clients' orders, and assigning them to drivers.
  • Managing the employees (drivers) was difficult, and communication via phone was time-consuming.
  • The clients were not able to see the progress of their orders. Time was lost on updating them.

The solutions

We have created and implemented software for transport management in the company, consisting of:

  • A web panel for handling transport orders in the office,
  • TransCar Driver mobile app for truck drivers,
  • TransCar mobile app for clients.

The results

  • Joining clients' orders in a single route results in trucks going full, which in turn saves money.
  • The time needed to serve the clients has vastly decreased.
  • The clients are able to see their orders progress quickly.
  • The drivers' management and communication are easier.

A transport management software admin panel

  • Convenient overview of car transport orders from customers (generally dealer networks)
  • Entering a proposed price for the transport that the customer accepts or rejects
  • Orders are assigned to transports (driver, tow truck, from where, where to, when, etc.); calculation of free space on a tow truck
  • Automatic return routes
  • Messages from the panel to selected customers
  • Management of drivers, the validity of their documents (e.g. driving license)
  • Management of tow trucks, validity of their technical tests and approvals
  • Managing the database of customers, places, brands of vehicles

TransCar mobile app and a web panel for the client

  • Entering vehicle transport orders
  • Acceptance or rejection of price offers from the service owner
  • Preview of orders with current statuses, photos from the drivers’ mobile application
  • Managing the addresses of the beginning and end of transports
  • Managing customer and employee data
  • Push notifications about a change of the order status

TransCar Driver mobile app for the driver

  • List of transports assigned to this driver
  • Push notifications about new transports assigned to this driver
  • Preview of the transport and the list of orders in it, along with the data of transported vehicles
  • Making changes to the status of the order (arrived at the place of loading, loaded, arrived at the place of unloading, unloaded)
  • Taking photos of the vehicle and the protocol


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