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Working with Jaroslaw is a real pleasure. Very quick contact, e-mail or telephone. Things that were black magic for me became simple thanks to your cinematic or verbal explanations. The application works 100% as planned. It earns money for my company thanks to joining clients’ orders in a single route so that a truck is full instead of going empty. I am slowly thinking how to expand it and I will certainly let you know when I write it down and we continue to work.
Mariusz Matuszewski
GOLDHOL Sp. z o.o.
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They always want to jump right into the work for you, and they work all day, every day to complete the job. The team collaborated well with company staff and worked 24/7 to create the app on a short timeline. YarMobile communicated daily and allowed direct access to the developers, which minimized miscommunications. The app has received good feedback from internal users.
Michał Magdziarz
Vice President, Balticon S.A.
YARMOBILE has fulfilled its task excellently, the final product meets the customer’s expectations to the extent that the other factories of the group have expressed the desire to implement a similar solution. Every time issues of modifications or changes in the application arose, YARMOBILE stood up to the task and quickly implemented corrections and modifications. We hereby provide references to YARMOBILE. We believe that our cooperation with professionals of this class will result in other implementations in the future.
Krzysztof Olkowski
IT Infrastructure Coordinator, Aptiv Services Poland S.A.
We’ve had an excellent partnership with YarMobile with fast response time (testing & bugs), providing ideas and solutions to overcome problems regarding implementing features and overall good customer support on their part. We’ve seen great drops in processing time since our migration from our old ways of day-to-day business to the new platform which YarMobile created for us. The feedback from our field operators has been great, citing clearer instructions on their work schedule and what they have to do at our clients’ locations.
Andrei Chira
Soimul Taberei founder
The implementation of applications created by the Yarmobile company was a response to our demand to improve the reporting processes of various types of service activities and defects found. In addition, the introduced solution allows us to conveniently manage data and address problems collected on mobile devices via a web interface. Due to the fact that this is the first project of this kind in our case, cooperation with Mr. Jarosław Pietras allowed us to develop effective forms of communication when introducing various types of changes and improvements. It should be emphasized that the development of the application took place in a timely manner, as expected. Improvements as far as technical possibilities were implemented efficiently and on already partially operating system, without negative impact on the current operation of the application. Thanks to the introduced applications, we were able to move away from the traditional collection of data in paper form and in various types of spreadsheets in favor of a database solution. In this area, losses have been eliminated consisting of manual, multiple rewriting of data from one document to another. In addition, employees can consult the documentation available on a mobile device in case of doubt. The project continues to evolve as the needs arise. We see the potential to apply similar solutions in other areas of our business in the future.
Marcin Adamus
Utility Leader, UMA Investments Sp. z o.o. (Kellogg’s)
Creating maps according to our requirements took YarMobile a few days. Proper approach from both programming and functionality points of view and the knowledge of Android platform allowed YarMobile to equip our sales department with fully operational route planning tool. We can recommend the company as a responsible and fully professional partner to develop mobile applications. We can only add that the application was supplied before the delivery date, and that even the beta versions sent to selected sales representatives of ours were fully functional and did not generate errors.
Artur Daniłow
Teknika S.A.
The application created by YarMobile is willingly used by our servicemen and does its job. We are pleased with its performance and the support granted to us. I would recommend YarMobile as a developer of mobile applications that do something specific.
Jakub Wendykier
CEO, Vincent Sp. z o. o.
The Yarmobile company provided us with a portal with all the functionalities we wanted. The excellent and quick graphic design also deserves praise. All corrections and modifications were uploaded efficiently, and the final result fully meets our expectations. We recommend them!
Karolina and Adam Pisarek
owners of the website
YarMobile is characterized by full professionalism, great approach, and understanding of the customer. I recommend them to everyone!
Miłosz Steleżuk
The owner of the app
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YarMobile did their job quickly and efficiently, and within agreed budget. We have got the working apps as expected. During the development, we asked for many different changes to specification and design. They were always willing to comply and only charged us extra if the change required a lot of extra work. They provided good quality at a reasonable price; we will certainly be using them in the future to add new features to our app.
Mirek Skoczek
IT Manager, WeType Limited
The application worked flawlessly during our conference with key distributors. Thank you for the professional preparation in terms of both technical and graphic design. We are particularly pleased that despite the short notice the app was made even faster than we agreed. This allowed us to test the application without stress before this important event for us.
Piotr Podgórski
Robert Bosch Sp. z o. o.
Long-term cooperation with Yarmobile translates into the creation of a product tailored to our needs. Implementation efficient and fast, very good contact. I would recommend!
Andrzej Koronowicz
Owner at BTCA Sp. z o. o.
The application has met our expectations because it was done reliably and on time despite the short time for implementation. Flexibility, attention to detail, very good communication and a strong commitment to the project.
Grzegorz Janeczko
It was a pleasure to work with Yarmobile. For a person who wanted to create his first app it was very easy to get much needed support from Mr. Pietras.
Daniel Zdrojowy
Sales Director at Zdrojowa Invest & Hotels