Hurtownia Kartek

An app for Salesforce - sales representatives, and wholesalers.


The application has increased the sped of orders creation by sales representatives by about 20%. The total value of orders grew by about 30%.

Introducing new sales representatives to work became extremely comfortable. A new rep equipped with the app can immediately go out to the field. He no longer has to remember 2000 goods.

Presentation of a range of products with photos to the client is easy. The search engine is fast. Orders can be created easily by clicking the + and - buttons under the goods pictures.

You can see orders history: PDF files are generated and downloaded from the panel.

The app works online and offline.


Case study

Possible functionalities of our custom - online stores | YarMobile

The problems

Earlier work involved presenting the offer from pdf catalogs, which we had to create manually. We naturally duplicated the work, because of the photos we had uploaded to selly, we had to create some layout in Adobe on which we had 8 passes with the product symbol and on the mobile phone we entered the symbols that the customer ordered.
With our numerous products, manual search of the board that the client wanted to see took a lot of time.

Michał Szmigiero - owner

The solutions

We have created and implemented software supporting sales in the warehouse, consisting of:

  • a web panel for handling orders in the office
  • a mobile app Hurtownia Kartek for traders

The results

The application has sped up the order creation process by sales representatives by about 20%, while increasing the value of orders by about 30%.

Additional advantages are:

  • the ability to present a commercial offer in a relatively short time
  • eliminating the problem of remembering 2,000 goods in constant circulation
  • the possibility of introducing and presenting a new product thanks to the synchronization of the database -> application, with the simultaneous instant blocking of sales of goods whose stock has run out
  • exceptional comfort when introducing new sales representatives. Instead of looking for traders on the market with experience in the same industry who have learned the goods (which is extremely difficult on the market), we equip the trader with an application and after a short initial training we can immediately let him out to the field.
    Michał Szmigiero - founder

Mobile app "Wholesale Card Store" for sales representatives

  • convenient presentation of a range of products with photos to the client
  • convenient and fast search engine, categories of goods
  • easy creation of orders by clicking the + and - buttons under the goods pictures
  • order history: pdf files generated and downloaded from the panel
  • online and offline operation; data synchronization, including product photos, on application start, on demand.
phone-right kartek

Admin panel

  • import of producers, categories and products defined in Selly (an external system)
  • data management: clients, sales representatives, producers, categories, products and orders
  • discounts: general and for a given customer and goods of the producer
  • different payment terms
  • additional comments on orders
  • orders from the mobile application: easy viewing, generating and printing pdf for warehouse workers.


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