Radio Wataha

An internet radio app


A mobile application - internet radio. Song ordering and voting, sending greetings, news.


Internet radio

  • playing one of three available streams, possibility to pause it
  • the radio also plays when the app is in the background (you can not see it) and when the screen is off
  • displays the notification icon in the system tray; after expanding the notification, you can pause the radio
  • the radio pauses and does not interrupt when a phone call is made, or the user activates another sound reproducing application
  • the radio pauses other playing applications when it begins to play itself
  • the radio pauses when the headphone cable disconnects and does not play automatically on the speaker
radio phone 1
radio phone 2

Additional features

  • works in both screen orientations
  • top 20 + voting
  • ordering a song
  • sending greetings
  • scrolling greetings bar at the top of the screen
  • news
  • contact


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Are you wondering how such, or a better application, would work in your case?​