Transport management software


Custom transport management software that handles both transport and sales of fluids.


Admin panel

  • convenient creation, edition and review of fuel transport orders
  • assigning orders to drivers who receive push notifications
  • current order statuses, photos, parameters - from the drivers' mobile app
  • communication - chat - between dispatchers and drivers
  • management of drivers, the validity of their documents (e.g. driving license), advance payments, border crossings, absences
  • management of office workers, access to individual parts of the panel
  • vehicle management, validity of technical tests and approvals
  • managing the database of customers and contracts, countries, places, routes, rates, goods, units, certificates
  • vehicle cumulative map
  • transport and sales invoices
transportation management
transportation management phone

Driver's mobile app

  • a list of orders assigned to the driver, along with the details of the order
  • reporting the stage of the order (the current stage is always visible), taking / attaching photos, entering loading and unloading numbers
  • chat with a panel operator
  • receipt of push notifications from the operator
  • periodic sending of the current geographical position of the driver
  • map with the driver’s position, route


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