Defect Handling

Custom manufacturing maintenance software


Manufacturing maintenance management software for defect reporting and handling in a factory. It consists of an admin panel and a mobile app.

The location of the defect can be precisely determined, by selecting the factory department, line, system, and device. It is possible to scan a QR code on a machine to determine its location as well.

Each defect is described by text, type, nature. Photos are taken.

Then a repair proposal is entered as well as a level of safety for people, food, machinery, and production.


The implementation of applications created by the Yarmobile company was a response to our demand to improve the reporting processes of various types of service activities and defects found. In addition, the introduced solution allows us to conveniently manage data and address problems collected on mobile devices via a web interface. Due to the fact that this is the first project of this kind in our case, cooperation with Mr. Jarosław Pietras allowed us to develop effective forms of communication when introducing various types of changes and improvements. It should be emphasized that the development of the application took place in a timely manner, as expected. Improvements as far as technical possibilities were implemented efficiently and on already partially operating system, without negative impact on the current operation of the application. Thanks to the introduced applications, we were able to move away from the traditional collection of data in paper form and in various types of spreadsheets in favor of a database solution. In this area, losses have been eliminated consisting of manual, multiple rewriting of data from one document to another. In addition, employees can consult the documentation available on a mobile device in case of doubt. The project continues to evolve as the needs arise. We see the potential to apply similar solutions in other areas of our business in the future.
Marcin Adamus
Utility Leader, UMA Investments Sp. z o.o. (Kellogg's)

Android and iOS mobile applications

  • review of reported defects
  • selection of factory department, line, system and device
  • precise defect location determination
  • scanning QR codes to determine the location of the defect
  • entering the description, type, nature of the defect
  • taking pictures
  • introducing a repair proposal
  • precise determination of the level of safety for people, food, machinery, production

Internet panel

  • managing all data as types and natures of defects, factory departments, lines, devices, systems
  • review of reported defects, status changes, closing
  • e-mail notifications and reports on open defects
  • results of work – on a large display in the office, self-updating

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